LR Bush Safari
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Monday 27 September Lightning Ridge Hilston 591
Tuesday 28 September Hilston Buronga 467
Wednesday 29 September Buronga Nurioopta 349
Thursday 30 September Nurioopta (Barossa Valley) REST DAY 0
Friday 1 October Nurioopta Quorn 340
Saturday 2 October Quorn Andamooka 315
Sunday 3 October Andamooka Wilpenna Pound 494
Monday 4 October Wilpenna Pound (Flinders Ranges) REST DAY 0
Tuesday 5 October Wilpenna Pound Silverton 430
Wednesday 6 October Silverton Whitecliffs 275
Thursday 7 October Whitecliffs Louth 313
Friday 8 October Louth Lightning Ridge 361



Below are the 150 people in 60 vehicles who joined us for a fortnight of fun and adventure in 1999!

Pictured here (below - left to right) are Belinda Smith, Anthony Smith (Secretary) and Jeff Inman (Treasurer) discussing tactics with the infamous "fine tin".

Below is the 1999 Safari President, David Waddell, 'revving' up the crowd at one of our morning briefings. Safari participants are briefed daily on our activities, road conditions and whatever else comes up at the time!

Belinda relaxing (below).

Pictured below is Doug sitting on his creation 'Doug's Diner' used to cater for the participants on the Safari at the more remote locations.

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