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25 September 2002

Lightning Ridge Mining Board appointments

The Minister for Mineral Resources, Eddie Obeid, has announced the reappointment of seven members of the Lightning Ridge Mining Board for a three year term.

In addition a new independent Ministerial nominee experienced in land management and land use has been added to the Board’s membership requirements.

The Lightning Ridge Mining Board is a body comprising representatives of organisations and Government agencies, that have a major interest in the controlled and responsible development of the Lightning Ridge opal fields.

“The purpose of the Board is to ensure that the policies implemented by the Department of Mineral Resources for the opal mining industry in Lightning Ridge reflect the interests of parties directly affected by opal mining such as farmers, graziers and miners associations,” said Mr Obeid.

The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Minister on policy development for opal mining in Lightning Ridge.

The Minister has reappointed the following:
*Mr Peter Waterford - Walgett Shire Council;
*Mr Jeremy Lomax - Lightning Ridge Miners Association Limited;
*Mr Robert Barrett - Lightning Ridge Miners Association Limited;
*Mr Tony Evans - Glengarry, Grawin, Sheepyard Miners Association Inc;
*Mr Paul deLepervanche - NSW Farmers’ Association;
*Mr Leon Cravino 0 Landholders’ Protection Association.

The new member is Ms Janet Thomson. Ms Thomson was an Assistant Director in the NSW Department of Planning from 1977 to 1985 and Director of Sydney Cove Redevelopment Authority from 1985 to 1989.

From 1991 she has been a Director of APT Peddle Thorp Pty Ltd.

Mr Tony Galligan, Director, Resource Planning and Development with the NSW Department of Mineral Resources chairs the Board.

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