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LRMA News 1 July 2008

The Mines Health & Safety Bill commences on 1st September and there are a few things on the electrical side that miners will need to consider. The main issue that the LRMA is investigating on behalf of their members is the trailing cable attached to boggers. This needs to be able to shut down power if damaged. We have electricians Wolfgang and Rob to help us. Wolfgang will prepare a simple information on sheet on what is necessary to stay safe and Rob has established that the products are available and will be looking at getting costs together.

Please stick to the roads when driving to the opal fields. Many farmers now have crops in after the rain so it is vital that no one drives off the roads onto the paddocks as this would ruin whatever is planted. Stay off the paddocks even if there is no crop it will still compact the soil. The main roads to the Coocoran fields were graded after the last rain so they should all be up to scratch.

The mineral claim and Opal Prospecting Licence conditions are still to be finalised for ‘Wyoming’. So any new claims are still pending but hopefully it will not be too long before everything is finalised and pending claims can be registered and two new Opal Prospecting Blocks released. As advised previously the new conditions will be similar to those on OPA 4 so lots of new bits of paper will need to be filled in and all title applicants will need to have completed the environmental awareness course. We are currently negotiating with the Department to run a course before the new OPBs are released.

Access to the property Barfield in OPA 4 is still being held up by the environmental section of the Department. They have been unable to complete their determination under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act as there is some hold up with the aboriginal heritage assessment. Everything else is in place including the Access Management Plan.

Maxine O'Brien
Lightning Ridge Miners' Association Ltd
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2 August 2008 08:59pm