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Lrma News 23 November 2004
The Chief Mining Warden is continuing with the Inquiry into objections into land being included in Opal Prospecting Area 4 based on valuable
improvements. The LRMA along with our lawyer and the Warden's Court visited several properties to inspect the improvements that are being contested last week and will be continuing this process in early December. Once this process is completed the Inquiry itself will begin in earnest in the beginning of February 2005. At this time we believe it will come down to legal arguments on what is a valuable improvement and what is not.

Some improvements such as homesteads, shearing sheds, buildings and dams are not in contention. Other claims such as flood refuges and catchment areas will probably be argued in Court.

The LRMA Annual General Meeting was held last Saturday and was one of the fastest meetings on record lasting for only forty minutes. 71 members attended and enjoyed drinks and sandwiches afterwards.

We now have a new Board of Directors and it is a good balance between some wise older heads and the younger generation of opal miners. The President is Drago Panich and the Directors are Robert Barrett, Steen Christensen, Daniel Hatcher, Fred Mallouk, Anthony Melonas, Mark Holland, Ken Lindqvist, Ormond Molyneux and Jason Stone. Good luck to all the new Directors and thank you to the outgoing Directors Gary Stone and Andrew Lindsay.

A special tribute was paid to Jeremy Lomax as the outgoing President for his contribution to the LRMA and the industry. Jerry has been President of the LRMA off and on for about half the life of the LRMA.

Maxine O'Brien
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26 March 2006 05:51pm