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LRMA News 20 January 2004
2004 should be an interesting year. The LRMA will be celebrating 30 years of incorporation with a dinner dance on 21 February at the Bowling Club and everyone connected with the opal mining industry is invited to attend - Phone Marian on 6829 0427 to book a ticket.

The LRMA's major focus for 2004 (as it always is) will be on getting more land opened up for prospecting. Opal Prospecting Area 4 will be a priority but this has proved to be a slow process as we are still waiting for the Review of Environmental Factors to be completed.

The LRMA are also working with the Department on a small short term
prospecting title, with similar conditions as an OPB, for areas where there are no OPBs.

Amendments to the Mining Act should go to Parliament in February and once these are passed the LRMA will be very busy negotiating new access management plans for existing mining areas where necessary and new areas.

Rehabilitation and safety will be ongoing issues for the year ahead with the introduction of a rehabilitation levy and the necessity for all mine
operators to develop and maintain mine safety management plans.

The increase in Security Bonds to $250 per claim from 1 February will no
doubt have an effect as it will immediately remove $1 million in hard earned capital from the industry and we may well see a drop in the number of mineral claims. This may provide opportunities for some as unworked claims are dropped but it may also put pressure on the compensation and road funds.

Following the success of 'Beautiful Australian Opals' created for the LRMA by Len Cram we will be looking at producing more generic promotional items that wholesalers and retailers can use to help sell more opal.

Best of luck to all members for the coming year, we hope it will be a verypositive and prosperous year.

Maxine O'Brien

26 March 2006 05:37pm