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Snippets 31 August 2011
Do you have your Dance Card for the Race Club's Centenary Event this Saturday night – 3 September, 7pm, at the Bowling Club? Tickets are only $60 and available at the front desk. This promises to be a grand evening of fine-dining and dancing. No tickets will be sold at the door.

The AGM on Sunday, 28 August, was well attended. The elected Executive team is: Michael Taylor - President; Len Cram - Vice President; Barbara Moritz – Secretary/Treasurer; Christina Johansson and Chris Taylor – Executive members.

Heritage Cottage Hospital Gallery closes Friday, September 2, for the year of 2011. However, the Nurse Lucy tableau in the front window of the Cottage Hospital will remain lit-up for daily viewing. The Society's complex opened 2 April rather than traditionally at Easter, so it's been a full-on, busy tourist season. Thanks for supporting us.

Barbara Moritz

5 September 2011 07:04pm
Snippets 24 August 2011
The 1911 Dance Card has been reprinted as the ticket for the Centenary Event, the Lightning Ridge Race Club Ball, on 3 September 2011. Gilgandra Press has kindly donated the tickets in celebration of the Lightning Ridge Race Club's first 100 years.

The original Dance Card was donated by Tony Donnelly of Nevertire, a grandson of Granny Donnelly, who attended an inaugural ball – there were two held in 1911, one after each day of racing. However, she may not have danced as she was about to give birth to her fourth child (of 15)!

Don't miss out – book your table at the Bowling Club's Front Desk and pick up your Dance Card. Special guests for the event are two of Granny Donnelly's grandchildren, Toots Sibley and Noel Donnelly, and a great-grandson, Owen Donnelly. They will dance the night away as a tribute to their elder.

This promises to be the event of the year – a served dinner and dancing to 'Crank' on 3 September 2011. Be part of it!

Barbara Moritz
22 August 2011 07:44pm
Snippets 17 August 2011
More about the two Inaugural Amateur Race Club Balls held on 5 and 6 September 1911...... The accompanying photo was taken at a 1920s Race Day and shows a well-attended event. The ladies, however, anticipated the evening's Race Club Ball and wearing their newest gowns to dance the night away.

A follow-up of the 1911 Inaugural Races and associated Balls, as written in the Walgett Spectator, describe the dresses worn by more than 50 women as thoroughly as racing details. A few familiar, district surnames are represented in the following descriptions.

Mrs Francis – blue satin over ninon*, beaded trimmings
Mrs Brady – white crepe, bugle trimmings
Mrs A Prentice (Angledool) – black silk and cream lace trimmings
Mrs J Prentice – pink satin with ninon overdress
Mrs Leonard – black voile, silk stripe gold and silver trimmings
Mrs J Dominick – cream silk ninon with cluny** lace trimmings
Mrs A Dominick – black spangled net red satin
Mrs Stallworthy (Collarenabri) – electric blue silk, lace trimmings
Mrs Coleman – grey silk, braid trimmings
Mrs McNeill – black silk trimmed with cream lace
Miss Beckett – white silk, silver spangles
Miss Barrett (Angledool) – pale green silk, overdress of dewdrop chiffon, bugle trimmings
Miss E Beckett – white silk and pink roses
Miss Bruce – cream silk, spangled net and silver stars
Miss Pratt (Goodooga) – spangled chiffon over heliotrope silk
Miss R Bruce – pale blue silk, silver trimmings
Miss E Bruce – pale blue silk and spangles

Note: *Ninon is a sheer fabric of rayon, silk or nylon fabric in a variety of smooth, tight weaves or open, lacy patterns.
** Could not find a description of this word.

To read more about the 100 years of the Lightning Ridge Amateur Race Club and the formation of the Bush Nursing Association at Lightning Ridge, get your copy of Bush Nurses and Race Club Purses that is available at Heritage Cottage and Opal Books, Etc (Bluey Motel reception).

Reserve your table for 3 September's Centenary Race Club Ball at the Bowling Club's front desk. Don't miss out as tickets are limited and will not be available at the door on the night. This promises to be a memorable evening with dancing to 'Crank' after a served dinner. Join in the fun!

Barbara Moritz, Secretary
22 August 2011 07:42pm
Snippets 10 August 2011
The Centenary Race Club Ball on 3 September 2011 promises to be a very good night at the Bowling Club. Don't miss it – book a table of friends at the front desk. Get your tickets now as none will be available at the door on the night. From 7pm, enjoy hors d'oevres, a served dinner and dancing to “Crank”. Dress is strictly formal and heritage fashion is encouraged.

In earlier years, the Ball was very much anticipated – a chance for the ladies to get out the treadle and stitch-up new gowns or make a trip to Walgett and choose the latest fashion. Two race meetings were held annually so, twice a year, the ladies could strut their stuff. Profits initially went to the Walgett Hospital until the push began for a Bush Nurse at Lightning Ridge.

From the Walgett Spectator 14 September 1911:
Lightning Ridge Amateur Race Club Ball
5th & 6th September 1911

On both nights of the races a grand ball was held in the Newton (sic) Hall – should be New Town. All arrangements were of the apple pie order and an excellent night's dancing was enjoyed by the large number assembled. It was indeed, a pleasant night to see so many beautifully dressed ladies gliding about the floor to the enchanting music played by Mr J McNamara.
We understand that all the arrangements in connection with the Ball were in the hands of Mr Hartman, and too much credit cannot be given that gentleman for the excellent manner in which he made provision for the enjoyment of the people assembled. Mr Watty Heness acted as MC in a most efficient manner. …....

Barbara Moritz
22 August 2011 07:40pm
Snippets 3 August 2011
What glorious weather for a wonderful Opal Festival in its 40th year! Thanks to all who visited the historical society's special display and stopped for a chat and to study and/or admire various items. A postcard scan of two miners in 1911 sent from 'Nettleton via Walgett' was donated. Preston Doherty dropped of the iron finials of the Angledool Post Office residence.

The raffle was drawn by patron Rhonda White and her assistant Gary Yeo on Saturday afternoon. Zena, the dolly, was won by Uvonne from 4-Mile flat. Her two grand-daughters will be delighted – one gets the dolly and the other, the opal mosaic pendant 'J'.

Walford's cottage next to Khan's IGA is looking much better under carpenter Paul Brown's care. After the gap in verandah trim is eliminated and the gal-sheet windows detailed, the restored provenance of the 1909 structure is representative of the early street scape in our town. This heritage project is sponsored by Walgett Shire and the historical society.

Barbara Moritz
22 August 2011 07:38pm