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Snippets 14 March 2012
After a break, the historical society complex is getting spruced up for the 2012 Easter Opening on Good Friday. The photo exhibition “100 Years in the Little Wooden School House” will be revealed at 10.30am and be open for select hours as printed in the Easter weekend program.

In the meantime, there has been plenty of activity in the society's backyard. Best Employment's Work-for-the-Dole Scheme has initiated other work projects on the block over the past 10 years. In 2012, a strong and silent achiever has made a big difference in getting the thicket of salt bush and jade under control. He has filled many barrows of cuttings in the past two months, working whenever the yard was dry enough to attack the prolific shrubbery. We thank our achiever, who also has an artistic eye when it comes to rearranging the mining icons.

And Lionel at the Crocodile Caravan Park next door has been a great help in supporting the project, not only in lending his personal elbow-grease and tools but also his big trailer that has been filled by our achiever, making for more than a dozen trips to the tip. We are grateful for the generosity and consideration of our neighbours, whose own grounds are so nicely manicured. We intend to keep our end of the deal and meet their standard - thank you Lionel, Deb and Alicia!

In 2012, Heritage Cottage Hospital Gallery will open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10-4pm, or by appointment. Never be afraid to ring the mobile number noted on the front of the Cottage or just wander down the side lane towards the office and 'Cooee'. Someone is likely to be around to show you through and you'll view our newly-groomed garden and back patio (2010 Best Employment project).

The historical society complex is manned by volunteers – we could use some 'new blood'. If you would like to join the team, we need people for the afternoon shifts 12.30 to 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The secretary is an early bird so is happy with the morning shifts. Should we have enough interest, we can be open more days. Please come to our general meeting on 18 March, 3pm, on the back verandah to learn more about what we do within the community.

Barbara Moritz
12 March 2012 03:00pm
Snippets 7 March 2012
‘Opalinda’ Jackson loves opal and Lightning Ridge. She visits the opal fields annually, sometimes twice, and is iconic in the world of modern Australian fashion as well as identifiable on the streets of the Ridge. This landscape and opal colours have influenced her fashion fabrics and designs since the 1970s when she was working with Jenny Kee in Sydney.

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney holds a Linda Jackson collection but has nowhere to display it. However, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne also owns a collection of their native daughter’s garments; others Linda has donated to develop an exhibition, Bush Couture, that opened at the Ian Potter Centre, Level 2, in Federation Square on 25 January and will run through September 2012.
For more than 40 years of practice, Linda Jackson played a fundamental role in the development of a distinctly Australian approach to fashion design. Working as an artist outside the conventional fashion marketplace, she devised unique forms of clothing that evolved beyond the sphere of seasonal trends; defying the limits of Western fashion by drawing on an eclectic mix of influences from India, Africa, Asia and Australia. Drawn from the NGV Collection and the artist's own archive, this exhibition features seminal works created by Jackson from the mid-1970s to the 1990s, including a number of rare and unique early pieces which embody the dynamic period during which she defines her style.

Key elements of Jackson's innovative construction and decorative techniques are showcased, particularly fabric treatments involving applique, patchwork, screen printing, hand painting and cut work. This is the first major solo exhibition of Linda Jackson's work to be exhibited in a public gallery, and has been developed in close dialogue with the artist.

Linda will be back in the Ridge for the 2012 Opal Festival if not before. GO Linda!! We appreciate your support to the opal industry.

Barbara Moritz
7 March 2012 09:12pm
Snippets 28 December 2011
Happy Holidays! 2012 will be a great year......
22 December 2011 03:42pm
Snippets 21 December 2011
The annual Gathering of Ridgeites was held in Hyde Park Sydney on 10 December at 10.30am. A Baker's Dozen attended and as many apologised beforehand since the late date interfered with Christmas events. Others apologised afterwards, as soon as they remembered that they'd forgotten this occasion to meet like-minded friends!

We lingered until after 2pm, yakking about Lightning Ridge whilst snacking. Joy Donovan, the last active bush nurse in 1974, from Wollongong, Jan Cooper from Canberra and Cliff and Carolynne Bond from Picton all came to the Big Smoke for the day.

Betty Bruce met-up with her cousin Marc Maidens to talk about their pioneering family history – both are planning to attend the 100 years of the little wooden school house at the Ridge, 21-23 September 2012.

Former opal miner Marianne Halpin took the opportunity to hear of the latest happenings from part-time residents Kerry Reed and Ruth Zionzee. Jack Stunnel, who came opal mining in the 1950s, recited his latest poem “Lightning Ridge”, composed on the bus into Hyde Park. Susan Phillips, Karen Carpenter, Orel Lea (Astronomers Monument) and Barbara Moritz added to the assortment of Ridge supporters.

It was a fun few hours and a day to be remembered.

Barbara Moritz
22 December 2011 03:41pm
Snippets 9 November - 14 December 2011
Google Lightning Ridge News for events.
22 December 2011 03:37pm