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Snippets 8 August 2006
Don’t forget to visit our Heritage Cottage Hospital Gallery. The last two weeks in August, Australia’s National Museum is sponsoring a special exhibition that focuses on district settlement. This exhibit moves to Canberra in 2007.

Migration Memories will open August 18 at 4 pm and runs through September 3rd. Mark your calendars now – that’s three weekends to come and consider the stories of seven people you know in this community.

Each of us has a story – what is yours? See you at the opening or soon after!

Barbara Moritz

8 August 2006 01:48pm
Snippets 2 August 2006
What a buzz the Opal & Gem Festival 2006 was! We displayed our collection of books and history with the usual backdrop of memorabilia – clippings and photos – and the 1974 Lightning Ridge Eureka March banner.

Our Giant Raffle in aid of the Nettleton Fund was popular. Two prizes – the His and Hers baskets of goodies – were drawn. As luck would have it, local winners came out of the barrel. Thank you, everyone, for your support of the raffle!

Our newly selected local Society Patroness, Winn White, performed her first duties by twice dipping her hand into the hundreds of raffle tickets that were well mixed by barrel mover/shaker, Gary Yeo! Bob from Potch Point and Betty, visitor at the Deep 4-Mile, claimed their respective baskets.

Winn joins our long distance Patron, ‘Oxford Terry’ Basford, as an on-the-ground and honoured representative. Our members welcome her acceptance.

Barbara Moritz

8 August 2006 01:47pm
Snippets 26 July 06
The Society’s display at the Opal & Gem Expo will feature the miniature bronze sculpture of Charlie Nettleton by Brett Garling of Wongarbon. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each numbered piece – 4 to 20 of the limited edition are still available at $950 each. Our giant raffle is in aid of placing a life size version in the town.

Garling went to school in the Ridge in the 1970s when his father, Bob, was principal. His gallery, just off the Wellington Road out of Dubbo, is worth a visit. On certain days, Brett pours a casting that attracts visitors from far and wide. He is known for his horse bronzes but he also paints.

Keep the Garling Gallery on your list!

Barbara Moritz

8 August 2006 01:46pm
Snippets 19 July 2006
Thanks to Robyn Hutchison for bringing in two Lightning Ridge photos discovered in her cousin Kath Turvey’s husband’s family album. Jim Turvey and his son, Percy, mined at the 3-Mile in 1910. Upon further research, it is revealed that their application for a lease in Morilla Street was rejected for some reason - we have him as 'George' not Jim.

The photos are on 3-Mile flat, probably the outskirts of Nettleton, where as many as 100 huts stood in its heyday. The men are standing beside their large tent, and adjacent to another’s tent and canvas cabin. In the background, one sees two more cabins of hessian or canvas, and the far one could have an iron roof and verandah.

Jim is feeding the cocky on a stump from a pannikan while Jim is grinding or polishing on top of a tall crate. A tin pan is attached near the wheel presumably holding water. In the foreground is a windlass of saplings over a shaft.

Keith is Percy’s son. He and Kath live in Gympie.

Barbara Moritz

8 August 2006 01:44pm
Snippets 12 July 2006
Our meeting went well. Long time member, Graeme Anderson, is our first paying Life Member! It has been proposed that we ask Winn White to be our local patron, joining Oxford Terry Basford, who now lives in Perth. The giant raffle presently running in Heritage Cottage is a priority at our display at the Opal & Gem Festival coming up on July 27-30. Two winners will be drawn on the last day.

It has been proposed that we hold an annual Ridge Day in Sydney to gather friends together, many of whom no longer travel. Traditionally, miners met in Hyde Park. However, the Domain could be more convenient to amenities. The idea was generally well-received and just needs to be refined.

Barbara Moritz

8 August 2006 01:41pm