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Snippets 27 Sept 2012
Oct 11, 2012, 06:48

The School House Centenary, 21-23 September, was a busy time, beginning with Governor Marie Bashir's visit to unveil the plaque at the school complex. Current pupils and teachers assembled and were joined by visitors returning to their home town and school. The name-pavers placed in the courtyard were a topic of discussion.


Families were reunited; some cousins met for the first time descendants of prominent, pioneering families of Lightning Ridge. There was plenty of chatter during the perusal of photographs displayed in the little wooden school house as well as the school library. Some lingered over a cuppa or rolled on to other venues.


Saturday's parade of vintage cars was understated but the weather was perfect for any undertaking. Many visited the 100 years display at the Community Church; some went to St George's Serbian Orthodox Church for a look through the more familiar building that was previously St George's Church of England. The historical society's displays at Heritage Cottage Hospital Gallery were popular.


The dinner dance on Saturday night was a grand finale. The Bowling Club's dining area was dramatically decorated in the school colours, red and black on white, by Ros Shaw, Wendy Manton and committee. The Centenary theme extended to the personalised place-mats and wine bottle labels.


The Club staff excelled themselves in service, and the buffet was beautifully presented and was as delicious as it looked, right down to the array of desserts. The old-time music was a perfect background for dining and conversation, followed by dancing to digest the generous choice of culinary delights. Well done, All!

(continued 4 October 2012)

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