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LRMA News 28 October 2014
Apr 19, 2015, 13:04

The LRMA remind miners to read carefully their title conditions and to abide by them.

Some of our members mining on ‘Allawah’ have advised us they have received a letter from the landholder part of which advises them what they can and cannot do on their title. The letter says if there are breaches the compensation agreement will be negated and compensation may increase.

Miners should be aware that it is the Department of Trade and Investment, Division of Resources and Energy that regulates what can and cannot occur on a mining title and it is the Department that sets the title conditions not the landholder.

The landholder’s letter lists a number of requirements that are not conditions of title for example, there is no requirement for public liability insurance, mullock can be stored on the claim and there is to be no surface activity within 10m of a fence not 45m as stated by the landholder. It is up to the Department to decide if there has been a breach of title conditions not the landholder and this is nothing to do with compensation.

If a miner who has received one of these letters is confused as to their rights please check your title conditions and/or check with the LRMA or the Department.

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