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LRMA News 16 September 2014
Posted by on Apr 19, 2015, 12:58

The legislation to enable the Minister for Resources & Energy to set the amount of landholder compensation is on the agenda for the Legislative Council (Upper House) this week. If the Bill is agreed to it goes back to the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) and then to the Governor for assent.

If the Bill is amended in the Upper House it goes back to the Lower House and if those amendments are agreed to it then goes to the Governor for assent. If the amendments are not agreed to in the Lower House both Houses send messages back and forth until the Bill is agreed to or if not the Bill can be set aside. If no agreement is reached and the Bill is not set aside a conference and a joint sitting of Parliament can be held.

That is the process however we are not expecting any major hiccups even if amendments are passed by the Upper House.

The Bill commences either 28 days after the Governor assents to the Bill or a different date by proclamation.

This is the last week Parliament is sitting until week commencing 13 October 2014 so if the Bill does not pass through to the Governor this week for assent it will probably be another month.

We cannot predict the timing of the Minister setting the amount of compensation following the commencement for the Bill however at the very latest the whole scheme should be up and running by 1 January 2014. Hopefully it will be before then. Levies for roads, rehabilitation stockpiles and rehabilitation works should commence at the same time.

We understand the Department is working on its systems to enable them to collect and disburse compensation.

P.S. The Bill should be either before the Upper House tonight or tomorrow. If any member is interested in watching the debate go to – on the right hand side below ‘Sitting Calendar’ click on the pink bar saying ‘Legislative Council is sitting today’ and then click on the webcast tab. You can also look at the Daily program for the order of business however they seem to jump all over the place and it is difficult to determine what time the debate will be on.

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